Queeky Werkzeuge


QueekyPaint is a full featured paint application. Choose from a rich set of tools, brushes, filters, effects and many more. Create layers and create a speedpaint of your drawing on the go. You can use QueekyPaint online using your browser or download the desktop version.

MultiDraw HTML5

MultiDraw HTML5 is a collaborative drawing tool build with HTML5. Draw together with others using you Desktop, IPad, Tablet or mobile device. MultiDraw now supports password protected rooms and all brushes available in QueekyPaint and QueekyPaint Desktop.

New drawing tools

QueekyPaint 2.0 comes with a bunch of new drawing tools:

  • Blur tool
  • Selection tool
  • Web tool
  • Tool effects
  • Layer effects
  • Filters


The unique Queeky® Timeline records every stroke you make. Use the timeline as a history to jump back and forth, add or revert strokes at any part of your drawing.

The Replay-Feature is also a great tool if you want to retouch an existing drawing.

Animated brushes

Choose your brush from different sets including animated brushes.

Rotate your brushes while drawing by pressing <SHIFT> on your keyboard.

Create vivid and organic structures applying different brushes to the selected tool.

Multiple windows

Open different drawings at the same time in QueekyPaint.

Copy layers from one window to another with drag and drop.

Replay drawings in multiple windows at the same time.

Photo support

QueekyPaint 2.0 supports import and export of photos.

Import or export PNG and JPG files from/to your computer. Draw over your imported photo and post it to the galleries: every stroke you added will be recorded and available in the replay.

New interface

The new and improved drawing interface keeps organizing your canvas simple.

Maximize windows via doubleclick, order your palette windows by drag & drop and move layers from window to window.

Language support

QueekyPaint 2.0 is build to support multiple languages.

The current version is available in english, spanish (thanks to Antonio and Isi) and german. If you're interested in translating the tools into your first language, please write an email to info@queeky.com. Your fellows will appreciate it as well ;)

Responsive Design

All our pages are optimized for multiple screen resolutions.

You can use Queeky on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop machine.