Der Komet "67P/Tschurjumow-Gerassimenko"

The voyager Rosetta has published some interesting photos of the comet "67P/Tschurjumow-Gerassimenko".
Rosetta plans to land on this comet next Wednesday afternoon.

In this project you can use pictures of a real comet as the background for your drawing.
Get inspired by space science: draw what Rosetta will find on the comet, or imagine how the next comet that will be explored could look like.
Maybe we will find life on a comet, or something different that nobody can yet imagine but you.

All photos taken by Rosetta are licensed under Creative Commons "ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM, CC BY-SA IGO 3.0"

Click on one of the following images and start to draw:
  • Rosetta photo 1
  • Rosetta photo 2
  • Rosetta photo 3
  • Rosetta photo 4
  • Rosetta photo 5
  • Rosetta photo 6
  • Rosetta photo 7
  • Rosetta photo 8
  • Rosetta photo 9
  • Rosetta photo 10
  • Rosetta photo 11
  • Rosetta photo 12


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