by N1na


“lol blur looks so bad when I rewatch it on flash.. Ill never use blur again.. :C”
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HTML5 Player

There is a HTML5 player now Wink

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This is really good

This is really good


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Great looking! Good work!

Great looking! Good work!

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I didn't know the name of the bird so I had to search a bit on the internet. It's an European Goldfinch (:

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Such a pretty little

Such a pretty little cute...well done...!!! Smile

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Thanks Laughing out loud

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Sorry for the blur thing. The HTML5 Blur is slightly different then the Flash Blur. Thats why Flash player is kind of messing it up, while when you reload and replay the drawing in Speedpaint the blur is fine again. I hope I can fix this soon ...

Great drawing and welcome by the way!

Queeky admin

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Ah ok ^^ Thank you!