Lights ...

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Perfect and realistic. go on

Perfect and realistic. go on


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Oh, my God, dear Sonia, this

Oh, my God, dear Sonia, this is such a wonderful painting, I only can admire your colours, the difficult position of the face, the lights on it, really wonderful...

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Üdvözöllek! :) Welcome!

Érezd itt jól magad! Rajzolj sokat, gyönyörűek a képeid!

Have fun in good time! Draw a lot, beautiful your pictures! Smile

I can't, but I like to create.

Love what we do. Smile

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Great !

Your eyes must still be burning from this one.

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close