The Good Book ← a still-life drawing by Kutedymples in group „What a beautiful scenery!!!”

The Good Book

I couldnt think of a name because it is late and I have been working on this too long. Thanks to Michelini I have a name for it now. Thanks for all your comments and rates on this too.
Sonntag, 22/11/2009 - 05:50
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Marrie's Profilbild

The Good Book


Just watch the playback. Unbelievable! Gorgeous! Awesome!! Love Star

harri2's Profilbild

The Good Book

Love Five stars There is so much to see in Qweeky and I'm still exploring. Today I found this one. It's is so wonderful - I feel like I'm just walking up to a table in my home and I am right there in that scene. Thank you so much for the warmth you've evoked.


haylez's Profilbild


you are absolutely amazing!! you know how to put so much emotion and life into a painting. its beautiful Smile amount of potential is anything without enthusiasm...

nunukebi's Profilbild

I love your paintings

I love your paintings Five stars

kutedymples's Profilbild

thank you for your comment

I am glad you like them, I know there are enough of them here. lol There are some of my first paintings I thought about deleting and just about the time I do someone comments on one of them. Really glad you like this one.

selinadie's Profilbild


so romantic, so peacefull.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Yoji's Profilbild

Brilliant draw

I love it. Those roses are so brilliant, i can even imagine their warm and sweet scent.. 10 out of 5 stars!

«Darkness cannot extinguish light, but light can cause darkness to immediately disappear»

Crystella's Profilbild

Wow, really beautiful. I love

Wow, really beautiful. I love the way you used the lighting over the book. It amazes me how realistic you draw....I admire the way you draw also. Smile

spring's Profilbild

The good book

Gorgeous roses and vase. the open book is great with lovely light and shadows..wonderful draw. 5 stars

little_prince's Profilbild


Five stars

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.