by lime


“Oh, just a doodle to relieve my stress xD”
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woww its great!

woww its great!

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omg!! this is soooo awesome ^^ i wish i could draw as good as you >//3//<

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really great idea *-*

THAT'S a very great idea *o*

really, I love it ♥.♥

God's busy, may I help you ;D

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nice!! beautiful draw!

nice!! beautiful draw! amount of potential is anything without enthusiasm...

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This is so cute, I love it. Keep up the good work.


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Love it! Did you use a tablet?

Fantasy forever!!

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this is awesome!!!!!

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oh my gods!!! this is amazing!!!!! =D you're great!! keep up the amazing work!! Wink

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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so cool and a great idea for a picture! You're good at anime you must be my competition.... Stare ahh well we will hava a friendly cometition... fufufu *takes out honey and fire ants* kidding! Big smile

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OMG so niceee you gave me hope for the pencil tool!! ~<3