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so fluffy and adorable! :3

i have a black cat who looks almost exactly like that

good work!

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Great !

We had a Tippy once....a calico. Really nice work Kute

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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( =①ω①=)

this cat is lovely!!!(*´ワ`人*)

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great job it's awesome

great job it's awesome

midnightlightning124 Wink

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GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK... Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love


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I used to have a black cat

Laughing out loud I used to have a black cat

Five stars

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This cat is cute and make me remember of my cat x3

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