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self portrait

its me
Die, 19/02/2009 - 11:53
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treena's Profilbild

oh my goodness

gosh youre good

turn that frown...
¡uʍop ǝpısdn

hakan's Profilbild


renklendirmissin, ana sayfada gözüküyosun. helal sana!

jzpeperonica's Profilbild


Pretty eyes! Very good draw!

hakan's Profilbild

çok ii

sevdim bu resmi! on!

ploiesteana's Profilbild


Very well done! An interesting person with inquiring eyes, a person which can not be ignored.

vig's Profilbild

beauty of Mat

you're beautiful, mat. i like your green eyes. very well done and impressive portrait. 10!

kanellos's Profilbild

self portrait

In every step of this drawing i thought, oh this is great, and then the next step came in and gave me the same feeling again. just perfect.

sketchpad's Profilbild


Wow, this is a very stunning portrait and done in great detail! 10

sodalover's Profilbild


wow ur very good! "10"

spring's Profilbild

self portrait

Hi!...a very well done draw, a great self portrait! *10*