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Love the shining olives, it

Love the shining olives, it seems to be a very good drink...the painting is very good...

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Very Nice

I really love the way you gave this so much life. Olive branch? Love all the contrasts and textures. Love the light/shading. Very nice! Five stars

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Beautiful draw

I like the details and textures. Is so full of details, even the bubbles. Five stars

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Nice textures. Laughing out loud And I always love the object that you add in your each drawings.

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and what i mostly am crazy about is the table or whatever it is, fantastic, great glass and olives too, with red MARTINI??? Love Big smile Big smile


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looks tasty! but I think you could do a lille better in light and shadows Glasses

Four stars


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Great textures ...

... and reflections on the sheeny glass.

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