name her

“this magical cat needs a name, no prize, just for fun”
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What about Blueripple?

What about Blueripple?


ponyotta2's Profilbild
Hmmmm Esclip

Hmmmm Esclip

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In My oppinion....

I THINK we should name this cat...............



MoonStar (leader Laughing out loud)



MossMoon! Laughing out loud

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MossMoon is a pretty name, I like that one!

I luh ya Poppy

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okay umm

oh how about fallenmoon


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what about starheart, moonsight, starsight, moonheart, or lunartail

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i like crecent too

i like crecent too

team Haymitch! woot

jayfeatherrocks's Profilbild
Those R all great names!! I

Those R all great names!! I like crecent and Kanji the most Smile

I luh ya Poppy

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Puzzled What about Crescent? Like a crescent moon.

My sister artgirl4eva suggests Moondust.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. <3

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Moonstrike seems good I came

Moonstrike seems good I came up wit a few more! Ummm... Aster? Starshine? Moonglow? I likes warriorsrule2`s suggestion Bluemoon and LittleMissAmp`s Eclipse. But u no its all up to you jayfeatherrocks... Smile

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