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by vig


ms emily haines for randomperv
Die, 30/12/2008 - 04:32
ID: 32521

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kutedymples's Profilbild


I don't know who Emily Haines is, but this lady is perfection Vig! Very nice job, that skin is heavenly.

helyn1469's Profilbild

yay metric

that looks just like her!


summer's Profilbild

lovely portrait,

love the skin tones,looks great.10

jzpeperonica's Profilbild


sad looking.. but a good draw!

matildavtdr's Profilbild

^ ^

very nice pic again Innocent

rowemartyn's Profilbild


Great draw Vig, deep in thought, eyes are something else, they draw you in to her mood. Have a very Happy New Year and keep that talent flowing. Martyn

hakan's Profilbild

hello vig!

very good emotion and very nice colors!

ploiesteana's Profilbild


A portrait done with big skill. the skin has the colour of a little porcelaine statue, the eyes are deep, she is vivid...Vig, you are a very good drawer and painter!

Happy New Year and many drawings like this one!

randomperv's Profilbild


..say that this doesn't look like her! lol it's not a striking resemblance but something bout the facial structure is very similar. She looks like my old acquaintance actually. It's a beautiful expression in any case, very dreamy and the soft colours give it a wonderfully whimsical quality. I lurve it! x

sketchpad's Profilbild


Beautiful drawing! I especially like the eyes, the sensitivity they show! 10