... killing me Softly ...

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That is one spicy picture!

The lip bite is just .... WHOO! lol Laughing out loud

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Five stars I love your work

Next to pain and pleasure is the passion of art, so let it come out lol -Sug@r~Qu33n

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will it hurt

its so romantice but wouldent it hurt

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Tus dibujos son Increibles.

Tus dibujos son Increibles.

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i´m kinda jealous of your

i´m kinda jealous of your potential......; p Nice one!

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Wonderful drawing can't say more, so live so sensual, I wish I can do the same ! Thanks for sharing such a lovely moment Smile

All the best


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Big smile buen dibujo Dem!

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Killing me soflty

This is so sensual and tender...Wonderfully drawn. Smile Five stars

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Big smile

Merry Christmas Susie Santa Beer Beer

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival