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“a bad breakup? Just maybe”
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A bad breakup?

Nice concept!

ploiesteana's Profilbild

A little story just in a draw, in a very good draw!

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^_^ Thanks, I dared to try something different. Usually I have no patience.

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from brad

it`s a very nice draw...good idea

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from brad

i love it !

brittd's Profilbild
=D yay...but

The timestamp thing didnt show up the last time...and times. =S I thought they moved it. Ill try again. THANKYOU

queekator's Profilbild

1. I like it Smile

2. you can change the date by deselecting "keep timestamp" when saving

does this thelp ya?

brittd's Profilbild
grrr! =)

I finally released this thing and I cannot change the date I first published one may ever see this one. lol

But I like it...I took a bit more time on this one. HOPE YOU LIKE IT...IF EVER SEEN!