2 onions ← a still-life drawing by Hellco

2 onions

2 regular onions hanging out
Sonntag, 27/03/2011 - 01:15
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danila's Profilbild

very well done

we'll see a lot from you!!! Wink Big smile


ploiesteana's Profilbild

I think your onions are very

I think your onions are very interesting, a wonderful effect! I like the light on them, for me , this is a very good work!

selinadie's Profilbild

foarte fain efectul

foarte fain efectul obtinut..e ca si cum ma uit la doua cepe printr-un geam de dus.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

hellco's Profilbild

Sincer sa fiu speram sa

Sincer sa fiu speram sa semene mai mult cu o pictura, dar inca n-am invatat cum se fac linii frumoase cu pensulele queeky, asa ca au iesit acele puncte aiurea Smile

Oricum a fost un studiu de cepe destul de util, cand am vreme am sa incerc ceva similar in ulei.

tamimapple's Profilbild

Awesome still life..great

Awesome still life..great style

"Drawing is the root of everything" ~Van Gogh

hellco's Profilbild

Thank you, I've been watching

Thank you, I've been watching some youtube videos of great still life painters. If you want to check em out search for Qiang Huang - Painting still life, and the channel of Abbey Ryan. From there you may also see a lot of good Daily Painters who generally do still lives in oil, and they do it pretty awesome.

Some great opportunities to learn cool stuff, if you have the time and feel like doing it Smile

Trumoon's Profilbild

Great draw

Great draw Big smile

ha55ha's Profilbild

Hanging out.

Nice style. Great draw.

hellco's Profilbild

Thank you, I was just looking

Thank you, I was just looking at some of your stuff yesterday, I was pretty blown away, your work rocks Smile

marilens's Profilbild

All I know

it this is very pretty and I really like it..the colors are so pretty and I like how the reflections look..this is really good.. Smile Five stars