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Thanks roseleen.

Thanks roseleen. Wink

consent can be nulified by reason of cohersion or duress!

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great work mark,its great to

great work mark,its great to watch them being made,i loved it,

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You seem to have vanished

You seem to have vanished into thin air Crying :cry:

We miss your draw Sad Sad Sad come back soon Cash Beer

Every artist was first an amateur.

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Thank you for accepting my

Thank you for accepting my friend request. I love your gallery, you really got talent!

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thanks Marky,for taking the

thanks Marky,for taking the time to comment on my drawing.sorry you'll be upset when we [England} beat you in the world cup.keep well......whistler

terry d

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Thanks !

Thanks for do great work yourself

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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Your work...

keeps getting better and better. It is a joy to watch you here at Queeky. I am glad you are a member you make it a better place!