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I love to drawing and like to see how good other people can draw. I think everybody here enjoy QUEEKY:)


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Thank You

Thanks for the comment. I love your drawings really original. Innocent Happy Drawing!!

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My daughter...

Yes, my daughter came home early because my husband Dennis was really sick in the hospital and I had to stay with him around the clock. I had nobody to help me with Isaiah (my grandson) I had to call the Red Cross and they flew her home from England to come and help with Isaiah and with her Daddy. She only was able to stay two days then she took Isaiah home with her. It has been almost a month now, but for the first couple of weeks Dennis was very sick. He is getting better now, slowly but surely. Thanks for your concern too.

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Thank you so much!

Today I was very bored being at home so I concentrated on drawing all day long. I am working on yet another mask, but this one is a little different. I am so honored that you give me wonderful comments and ratings. Thank you Smile

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I finally finished the portrait that you inspired. It is quite different than the portraits I have done in the past. It was a challenge, I hope you like it. Thanks again for your inspiration.

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Thanks for your comments, and share your feelings about them. Seems you are seeking for some new things on your drawing recently, if so, keep going, and hope you gain want you are looking for.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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thanks jz! im so glad bcoz of ur comments! Innocent

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Thanks for the kind comment Innocent I hope to get around after school is done and rate some drawings! See some good stuff here Innocent

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ja :]

mal bin ch in Japan und mal IN Deutschland aber im moment bin ich in Deutschland Laughing out loud

mir gefällt deine zeichnungen

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I'm back! Smile

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ich seh grad du kommst aus Deutschland Laughing out loud:D

wie gehts?!

und danke fürs kommentieren!

du kannst wirklich sehr gut zeichnen :>

schöne grüße