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My name is Hakan, I live in İstanbul/Türkiye. I'm science teacher. I love art. I love photorealism, but I love others too. I drawing charcoal and colored pencil drawings in real life. Thanks for comments and votes :)


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Share    Alle Bilder © hakan. Variationen und MultiDraws © bei den entsprechenden Künstlern.



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kedi ailesi

genellikle aslan


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Thank you for the vote,

Thank you for the vote, Hakan! Laughing out loud

Your gallery is awesome! Love


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Wonderful gallery, Hakan

I especially love Wolverine and the lion and Cold. The rest are great too!! Laughing out loud Five stars Cool

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hi Hakan

Let me just say your gallery is amazing sauce...a good thing too...i really like the details you use in your drawings and the quality of standard ...i also wanted to say hi...and possibly add you a s a friend Laughing out loud

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Sorry, I've lost an N, sorry!

Sorry, I've lost an N, sorry!

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Hi, good Evening, Haka, I'm

Hi, good Evening, Haka, I'm glad to see you online,have you brought a big cat with you?????