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hey ezd

keep up the great work.

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Ezd, I really thought that ur guestbook will be full of comments. It seems that I was wrong. I didn't have the chance to leave you a message right after yours. I'm really sorry that I discover them so late. Anyway, I give you a sign that I passed by and

I'm hopping that you'll "find" soon the energy, passion and imagination, for a new drawing. It's time to put to work your active mouse. I guess it is very anxious to reveal another part of you. And now I'm on stand by. Smile

P.S: Thank you.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Ok where are you?

You've been gone a little too long again. I hope you are working on another masterpiece for us here at Queeky. Even if you aren't come on back you are missed!

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Hey there!

I really have to tell you that your last picture is really amazing. I idolize your art style, I try to watch you draw so I can learn a thing or two from you. My art has not been up to par lately and I am not happy with much that I have drawn. I have found a new site too though it is sumopaint.com you really need to check it out. It is awesome! They have a really cool paint applet that lets you upload pictures from your computer or from a url and continue to draw on them or add filters and such. Check it out. Have a good one!

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Thanks a lot for your message

Thanks a lot for your message and comments! If you can paint so fantastic with a mouse, I can imagine what will come, when you ' ll have a tablett!

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thank you too

Thank you too for your comments. I really like your work and hope to see more from you. I'm standing for now, I'm limited to drawing with a mouse. I would like to buy a digital tablet, it helps a lot. Well, sorry for the bad English, lol

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Hot Cocoa

Thank you for your kind and generous comments, coming from such a talented artist like you that means a lot to me. Keep those works of art coming, they are all so beautiful, your amazing Smile

Marilens (Marilyn)