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mummble mumble grumble moan, complain, rinse, repeat


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Great pics! Really like the Night Buzz and She Gets High. Very cool pics. Keep up the good work!

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I have just looked through you work and im so impressed with your style! I think by far the most powerfull image is "there", I could talk for a good hour about what it seems to portray. Well done! Look forward to seeing more work from you!

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hi Bowdog

i really miss your abstract art. i'm a fan of yours. i like your modern cool art even though i don't understand some of your drawings.

well, i'm not sure if i send you a friend request or not.

i'll send you again.

i'd love to be your official fan.

vig's Profilbild

hello, bowdog

how are you? i'd like to say that i completely instantly like your gallery very much. so unique very stylish, creative and so you. you have your own style like no other. i'm so glad you display your art here. is it possible that i add you as a friend. thank you in advance

take care

jzpeperonica's Profilbild


I don`t have so many time to comment all your pictures, but your draws are really great! You have a wonderful style!

matildavtdr's Profilbild


welcome to queeky! and your pics r very nice and interesting! XD

monki3's Profilbild

welcome to queeky

guess what im new too but im horrible drawing with a mouse but spectacular with a

animechic's Profilbild


hey welcome to queeky i hope you make some great drawings here and make some good friends!! Smile

sugar gives me brainfreeze