Queeky Premium

Queeky Premium


Premium is a service dedicated to our most beloved artists. You can't buy Queeky Premium with money. It's an achivement. Get a Queeky Gold-Medal and enjoy a palette of additional features with Premium:

Premium brushes

Additional premium-brushes are available in QueekyPaint Web, QueekyPaint Desktop and MultiDraw HTML5.

Use the new animated brushes to create vivid and organic structures and surfaces. The animated brushes make it easy to draw things like water, plants or even fire. Of course all premium brushes are highres- and replay-compatible. Stay tuned for new premium brushes in the future, your premium account includes free brush updates.


Real Videos

For premium users, all published dawings will be transcoded to a real video.

  • Plays on tablet and mobile
  • HTML5 Video player
  • automatic transcoding for all drawings, not only top-rated
  • compatible to YouTube


Ad Free Profile

The profile page of premium members is completely freed from ads ...

  • No matter if logged in or not.
  • No matter if you're a member or not.
  • No matter if desktop, tablet or mobile device.